carbo-arm 400

  • maintance free telescopic extension made of carbon fiber
  • interface front: joint for tool holder
  • interface back: gimbal suspension
  • customs tariff number: 84798997
  • country of origin: Germany
  • installation instuction

for vertical mounting is a spring balancer suspension necessary

Not in scope of supply:

- tool holder
- suspension for spring balancer
item no.designationcodemax. torque [Nm]max. payload [N]stroke [mm]Lmin. [mm]Lmax.[mm]weight [kg]
59953carbo-arm 400sca400s4002105285921,1202.6
59952carbo-arm 400mca400m3502109287921,7202.9
59950carbo-arm 400lca400l3002101,3289922,3203.1

spring balancer types for ca400 with payload table

  • aluminium die-cast housing
  • stainless steel cable
  • low-friction cable guide
  • additional saftey suspension
  • adjustable upward travel stop
  • isolated spring hook fixture
  • spring fracture protection
  • cable length 2,500mmm
  • customs tariff number: 84289090
  • country of origin: Italy

item no.designationcodepayload min. [N]payload max. [N]weight [kg]
10322spring balancer 9336FZ933610303.2
10323spring balancer 9337FZ933730503.3
10324spring balancer 9338FZ933850703.4
10325spring balancer 9339FZ933970903.5
10326spring balancer 9340FZ9340901303.6