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Ergonomic advantages:

  • smooth handling at screwing, drilling, and more.
  • precise, smooth-running linear guide with sealed ball bearings
  • supports all torque reaction and reaction forces
  • warranted precise angle guiding of the tool
  • optimal smooth-running weight compensation
  • payload adjustable
  • low maintenance
  • flexible setting on your work place specific
  • extensive accessories for applications available

Reliability and functionality

  • pneumatic load control
  • shiftable feeder
  • very high endurance
  • stroke stopper continuously adjustable
  • universal interface for applications

Technical facts:

  • Stroke vertical 1200mm
  • Load up to 80kg
  • Torque reaction up to 1000Nm
  • Max. reach 3500mm
  • Pivoting angel main axis 340°
  • Pivoting angel adaption axis 340°
  • Variable stroke limiter
  • Universal interface for applications


Stoppers at all axis Brakes at all axis Position monitoring at all axis



Position transducer at all axis Clamping unit at all axis


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