handy-arm 500 tightening direction from bottom to top

  • Pedestal with base plate, surface painted in RAL colour
  • 1 set of concrete heavy-duty anchors
  • buckling articulating jib painted in RAL colour
  • endstops for buckling articulated jib continuously adjustable
  • handy-lift veritcal axis with ball bearings, troke vertical axis continuously adjustable
  • handy-lift balancer holder adjustable and 2x90° mountable
  • handy-lift safety belt for fall protection
  • handy-lift stroke basetype 500mm (optional: stroke extension for vertical axis in a grid of 150mm)
  • handy-lift torque reaction Mx/My 250Nm, Mz 160Nm

item no. designation code type max. arm's length [mm] arm height [mm] telescopic axis max. payload [N]
76797 handy-arm500 ha500u underfloor 3000 1000 handy-lift 200 200N/td>
76805 2000