latching for securing parking position

latching for securing parking position for crain rail single lane/double lane and trolley double lane

  • spring force of latch roller adjustable
  • ramp for latch roller with double-sided slant
  • mounting ramp on rail

item no. series designation rail size weight [kg]
56421 hl100-hl500 latching rail system eepos S-XL 345 S-XL 0

retreat unit crane bridge for single lane/double lane eepos

  • mounting bracket with spring balancer
  • hydraulic end position damper

item no. series designation spring balancer travel [mm] weight [kg]
66096 hl100-hl500 retreat unit crane bridge single lane/double lane 9311 1,400 0
66097 9312 0
66098 9320 1,800 0
66099 9321 0