Product Portfolio

 handy-lift chat
handy-lift 100-500 series
telescope for installation in a ceiling guided rail system.

 handy-flex chat

handy-flex 100-400 series
handling system movable in three axes, elevated or suspended from the ceiling

 carbo-arm chat

carbo-arm 055-400 series
three-axis, flexible torque support for handheld scredrivers

handy-arm chat

handy-arm 500-1000 series
articulated arm system with telescopic axle for long ranges

 operating handles chat

start and visualization of process operations

 spring balancer / balancer chat

spring balancer: withdrawal of working loads
nbalancer: balancing of loads

 verification adapter chat

simulation and countermeasurement for built-in screwdriving technology

 modular tool holder system chat

tool holder monitoring
worker guidance during screwdriving operations